Senior Full Stack Web Developer (0,8 fte – 32 hours)

Please note: if you’re a recruiter or a development company, don’t waste your time contacting us. We are not interested for sure.

At Careibu we are aiming to build the best social care community by students in the Netherlands. We are looking for a capable, creative developer who wants to help us accomplish that goal.

About Careibu
Careibu is all about social care. Through our platforms, we connect students to people for help at home. Our students work as babysitters, home cleaners and elderly assistants. Careibu’s community consists of 32.000+ students and 13.000+ clients. Our mission is to bring all generations in society together and provide students a social side job or volunteer work.

Things we are working on
We’re still a small company with one full-stack developer at the moment. You will be joining him in taking care of all the technical aspects of our product development. This is mainly focused around our new web applications started two years ago. Our senior care services use the new system already and our goal is to rebuild and integrate our babysitting and cleaning services – currently served by a legacy system – as soon as it is possible, and then continue developing and improving our products with new features.

Our technology stack
We use a JavaScript based stack – React.js for frontend and Node.js on backend – for the new web apps. These are user portals for the students and clients, and an administrative portal for managing all operations by the team. We may look at adding React Native mobile apps later. The database is MySQL, and we use JSON types making the model hybrid between relational data and document store. Migration to MongoDB or similar could be considered. We like to go with mainstream options in the tech choices we make to keep associated risks low. Our infrastructure consists of Heroku, AWS, and Google Cloud at the moment. Our landing and content pages are created with WordPress.

You should apply if

  • You want to be involved in building a product that has a social impact;
  • You have 5+ years of experience in software development;
  • You have 2+ years with React, Node.js, and SQL;
  • You like the developer freedom present at a small company;
  • You have a proactive attitude;
  • You live in the Netherlands (remote is not possible).

We are looking for someone for 4 days (0.8 fte), working days flexible, and we offer a compensation in the range of gross €3.000 – €4.000 – 0.8 fte (€3.750 – €5.000 – 1 fte) per month depending on relevant experience.

You want to apply or you have any questions? Email us at